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Soe T. Hlaing

Web Developer

Soe T. Hlaing holds Bachelor Degrees in both Computer Science and Social Science. Soe is a currently working as a Web Developer, specialized in UI/UX,  accessibility, and full-stack development. 

Soe was born and raised in Burma, moved to Japan after obtaining Bachelor Degree in Computer Science to pursue his interest on Social Science, Japanese culture and language. After living and working in Japan for nine years, Soe moved to the U.S. as an immigrant. 


Soe is currently working in Skyline College as Web Developer, maintaining, redesigning, and supporting the College website. He involves highly in developing process of Virtual Campus. Emergency website, Covid-19 website and several District wide web projects during this remote learning situation.


Soe is proficient in Designing Tools such as Figma, Adobe XD, Dev Tools, Bootstrap, Github, Node, language such as HTML, CSS, JS, Sass and PHP.

Soe T. Hlaing: TeamMember
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