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More About RSSC

How We Started

After more than thirty years of experience as a Community College leader, Dr. Regina Stanback Stroud formed RSSC to share her lessons from lived experience as an executive administrator in higher education. Recognizing that so many are counting on leaders for a chance to maximize their human potential and make better, their lot in life, RSSC offers coaching and mentorship, guidance and strategic advice on meeting ultimate standards of leadership and creating high performing teams. RSSC is committed to supporting leadership development so that we all take care to Show Up Differently.

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Education Philosophy

Education As a Practice of Freedom

Education As a Practice of Freedom ― Education mitigates the effects of ignorance often underlying the public puzzles of race, class, and gender that are embedded in social, educational and economic policies.

Education is essential if we are to address the broadening disenfranchisement and deepening disparity of access that perpetuates insult and injury to a democratic society.


Education, more so than any other institution of public life, poses the greatest hope for eradicating forces of oppression and suppression of the human spirit manifest in interactions of peoples of the world.

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Leading to Transgress

A theory of leadership — a multi-racial, multicultural identified, gender-influenced framework that is informed by leaders

— who are a part of or situated closely to the masses of marginalized people of color

— whose primary purpose is to influence allocation of resources in a way that breaks down or transgresses existing systems of power and privilege in the pursuit of social justice.


Leading to liberate, strengthen, and educate. Leading to free the oppressed and to change the racist and sexist structures of power and privilege. Leading to develop the depth of humanity and to maximize human potential. Leading to make a difference in this world.

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