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Dominique Benavides


Dominique Benavides-Becerra is a dedicated educational researcher of Puerto Rican-Salvadorian heritage, hailing from Oakland, California. She brings her wealth of experience and knowledge to RSSC as a graduate student intern, pursuing a Master of Education in Educational Leadership from Louisiana State University, Shreveport, set to graduate in 2024. 


After earning her associate degree from College of Alameda and a bachelor's degree in Public Policy from Mills College, Dominique worked as a retail planning analyst at Macy's, Inc., where she developed her technical and analytical skill set to evaluate financial and business indicators and translate data into actionable information to drive results. 


In 2010, Dominique embarked on her journey in higher education by beginning as a data consultant supporting the implementation of Laney College’s Gateway to College program and reporting student outcomes for the Career Advancement Academy. Over the past 13 years, her career has been marked by a progression of pivotal roles within the Peralta Community College District (PCCD) specializing in Student Finance, Financial Aid, and Institutional Research, Evaluation, and Planning. 


In her most recent position as the Director for College Research and Planning at College of Alameda, Dominique led the program review process incorporating program level disproportionate impact analysis. She was a key contributor to the 2021 Institutional Self-Evaluation Report (ISER), a contribution that significantly supported the reaffirmation of College of Alameda’s accreditation status. Furthermore, she promotes a culture of collaboration, data transparency, and data-informed decision-making, actively contributing to strategies aimed at increasing enrollment, strengthening student outcomes, and minimizing equity gaps. 

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