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Dr. Cornell West, American Philosopher, Political Activist, Social Critic, Author, and Public Intellectual

There is a sweet spirit in this place and it has to do with your visionary and courageous leader, my dear sister, sister president, Regina Stanback Stroud.  She’s from John Coltrane country, North Carolina, that love supreme of John Coltrane and those giant steps and impressions and ascensions – it ….It makes a difference when you have somebody who is able to connect your future and your present.  She is so well grounded in the best of the past.  I love and respect you Sister.


Angela Davis, American Political Activist, Philosopher, Academic, Professor Emerita and Author 

Thank you, Dr. Stanback Stroud, I looked at the student equity plan for Skyline College and was very much impressed….For, there can be no social transformation without education. 


Tim Wise, American Activist, Anti-Racist Writer and Educator 

 About Dr. Regina Stanback Stroud... in about 20 years of speaking on the road, and first of all, it's only about the 10th time in 20 years that a college president has even attended the presentation. It is the first time…that a college president has given such an amazing soliloquy about white male supremacy. That does not happen. I say that because you need to know how special it is to be in a place where a person in a position of authority can feel free enough to say those words… That’s just not the kind of thing you hear from administrators in colleges and universities around the country.  So that’s just incredibly special.  You all are very fortunate to be in an institution where these kinds of conversations are not just being had on the side by people without authority, but they are the kinds of conversations that people in positions of power want you to engage.  That is rare, and that is very special.   So, it is a real honor.

Image by Artiom Vallat

Paul Hernandez, Educator and Author of "The Pedagogy of Real Talk"

Dr. Stanback Stroud is incredibly skilled at developing and implementing action plans based on the unique needs of a college in order to increase student success through the development of a sense of belonging.


Dolores Huerta, American Labor Leader and Civil Rights Activist

We must talk about raising consciousness. We have to combine knowledge with action…Thank you Dr. Regina Stanback Stroud.


Pedro Noguera, Author, Expert on Educational Equity, Researcher and Distinguished Professor 

Dr. Regina Stanback Stroud, what a bold and visionary leader!


Jeff Duncan-Andrade, Ph.D. Professor, Latina/o Studies & Race and Resistance Studies 

Dr. Regina Stanback Stroud is precisely the type of leader the educational justice movement needs. She is bold, brilliant, uncompromising, and unapologetic in her vision for the most vulnerable and wounded communities. She beautifully blends the wisdom of decades of service with the most cutting edge research and scholarship to craft visions for equity and transformation that are long overdue in our institutions of higher education.

Landon Taylor.png

Landon Taylor, Founder & Chairman of Base11

With respect to designing and executing innovative pathways to career success for students and professional leaders of color, there is simply no one that I have met that is more thoughtful, skilled, and courageous than Dr. Regina Stanback Stroud. When I came to Regina in 2015 with a bold vision to build the very first Base 11 Innovation Center at Skyline College, she not only said yes, but went all in investing her creative thought, leadership, and audacious drive to help build a scalable model that contributed greatly to the national success that Base 11 and all our stakeholders enjoy today.


Lasana Hotep, Director of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging (DEIB), University of California, Berkeley

Dr. Stanback Stroud brings insights rooted in experience and scholarship that is unparalleled in the racial literacy and equity arena. Her personal commitment to creating a more just world is evident in every transformative experience she facilitates, illuminating report she produces, and sage counsel she provides. 


Congresswoman Jackie Speier, U.S. House of Representatives

Dr. Stanback Stroud is rightly recognized throughout the nation as an educational leader and a person who has worked effectively to increase the diversity of education and science.

Jerry Hill.jpg

Jerry Hill, Senator, 13th District, State of California

The State of California Senate recognizes your exemplary community spirit... and cites your service to others for providing a pathway for so many to transform their lives through education and contributing to the vitality and vibrancy of San Mateo County.


Assemblymember Kevin Mullen, Speaker Pro Tempore, District 22

I honor and recongize your advocacy efforts for education as an avenue to life transformation, and for enhancing the vibrancy of San Mateo County.

Tony Thurmond.jpg

Tony Thurmond, CA Superintendent of Public Instruction

The California Legislature recognizes your leadership and service within the community by pushing the front line and challenging the status quo.


Board of Supervisors, County of Alameda, State of California

We commend Dr. Stanback Stroud for her commitment to civic engagement and policy leadership, service and your contributions in pushing the front line and challenging the status quo in efforts to improve our society.


Board of Directors, Western Regional Council on Black American Affairs

The Western Regional Council on Black American Affairs presents Dr. Stanback Stroud with the Ella Hill Hutch Award for your courageous leadership and dedication to liberate, strengthen and educate. We commend you for your lifetime commitment to excellence and social justice for all.

ABuul Photo.png

Dr. Abdimalik Buul, Assistant Counseling Professor and Transfer Center Director, San Diego City College 

Dr. Regina Stanback Stroud is a dynamic transformative practitioner & leader. Her extraordinary experience transcends both the academy & industry. I have witnessed first hand her humility, humbleness and grace in addition to her supreme organizational skills galvanize inter generational activism and change. Her impeccable courage and immaculate depth of knowledge has been an illuminating light & inspiration in the quest for diversity, racial equity, and justice.

Jonelle Bush, English Supplemental Instructor, Fresno City College 

Wow, thank you so much Dr. Regina Stanback Stroud, I have so many takeaways from this powerful speech!

David Childers, Director of Title V Programs, Fresno City College

Dr. Stanback Stroud was one of the first speakers I heard when I moved over to community colleges. Get ready - this will be amazing!

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