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Pcyeta Stroud

Director of Strategic Business and Career Development

Pcyeta Stroud is the Director of Strategic Business and Career Development.  As an innovative leader, Pcyeta is committed to empowering members of her community throughout the Bay Area, with resources through the lens of entrepreneurship.  She has over ten years of economic and workforce development experience with an emphasis on mentorship, cultivating entrepreneurship and equity in career readiness practices.  After co-founding the Student Internship & Job Shadow Program at Skyline College, Pcyeta launched the Summer Internship Program at RSSC, providing students with opportunities to gain real-world professional experience, career exploration and access to mentors to help them gain skills for engaging in the workforce with a DEI lens.  Pcyeta is a Campus Pride certified Safe Spaces Trainer.

Pcyeta served as the Board President and Interim-CEO of the San Bruno Chamber of Commerce from 2018-2021, founding both the Student and Community Ambassador Programs.  As Board president, she helped secure grants for small businesses during the tumultuous time of the COVID 19 pandemic, helping local businesses to keep their doors open. 


Pcyeta has served on the Business and Finance Steering Committee for the San Leandro Business Academy, where she mentored high school students.


A member of Kappa Beta Delta International Honors Society, Pcyeta is a community college success story.  After 15 years of pursing her education, she graduated from Skyline College with an Associate’s of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies Letters & Science. Pcyeta graduating summa cum laude, earning a Bachelor's degree in Organizational Leadership from Arizona State University, and a Master's in Business Administration from Northcentral University.

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