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Haydee Burrola


Haydee Burrola is a social justice activist and educator with over 25 years of dedication to advancing equity in education. She has focused the majority of her grassroots organizing and professional efforts on working with hyper marginalized communities and displaced indigenous groups throughout California. A Native American woman of mixed indigenous ancestry, Haydee weaves ancestral Yoeme and Wixarika traditional wisdom and teachings into her work. Her personal and professional experiences shine through in her unique and practical approach to the teaching and practice of restorative justice, trauma informed care, non-violent communication, and culturally proficient practices that are relevant, affirming, and sustaining.   

Haydee is an effective and dynamic DEIA advocate and consultant. She has been an integral part of numerous organizations’ efforts in creating diverse, equitable, inclusive, and accessible communities in which all members feel seen, heard, included and empowered. Haydee currently serves students and families as a social science educator and DEI Core Leadership member for Five Keys Schools and Programs. She earned a BA in American Studies at Stanford University, and an MS in Educational Leadership at National University’s Sanford College of Education. Haydee is a doctoral candidate and school prison nexus scholar. She is focusing her research on identifying effective ways of disrupting and dismantling the school-to-prison pipeline and other systems of oppression designed to perpetuate opportunity and achievement gaps and disenfranchise marginalized populations. 

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