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Janis Perry


Janis Perry, a community college professor of counseling and teacher education for 36 years, is committed to increasing student opportunity and success through developing support programs and curriculum steeped in equity and social justice mindedness. Formerly serving as Gender Equity and Title IX Coordinator as well as local Academic Senate President at Santa Ana College, she has also served at the state level as President of the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges, and President of the Association of California Community College Teacher Education Programs.


During her tenure, which also includes serving as a professor at Santiago Canyon College, she has developed expertise in recognizing and confronting barriers to student and institutional success and has developed and promoted local and state level policy to infuse equity and social justice mindedness from the classroom to the local college and state level. A trained executive leadership coach, Janis’ efforts have been focused on recruiting and retaining an ethnically diverse K-14 educator workforce to reduce trauma and increase success in educational opportunities for underrepresented populations.

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