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Chanae' Wami's Headshot .jpeg

Chanaé Wami


Chanae’ Wami, an Adjunct Counselor and Professor within the California Community Colleges is a proud Nigerian woman born and raised in Los Angeles, California. Chanae’ is proud to have the opportunity to work within multiple community college districts, which has been a pillar of her identity, educational journey, and career.  


Her higher education journey began at El Camino College as an EOPS student, where she was awarded her Associates Degree in Sociology. She went on to achieve her Bachelors in Sociology and earned her Master of Arts Degree in Counselor Education from San José State University. In correlation with Chanae’’s education and community college work, Chanae’ attends annual conferences for self-development across the world to better serve a diverse student population.  


Consequently, as a strong advocate for mental and physical health, Chanae’ is a living example of what she teaches her students on a daily basis. Chanae’ religiously takes pride in selfcare, embraces all opportunities, values spending time with  family, traveling and experiencing new cultures and ultimately, living a soft life filled with intentional happiness.  


Chanae’ looks forward to elevating and learning with you!  

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